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Omantel Mobile Internet on Nawras USB modem

June 28th, 2012

If you already have a modem from another operator such as nawras,


1. Get a Omanmobile hayyak mobile SIM card from Omantel mobile shops
2. Insert The Hayyak / Omanmobile SIM in your modem
3. Connect the modem to your PC or Mac
4. Start the modem program
5. Go to Tools › Options › Profile Management
6. Press New to create a new Omantel / Omanmobile / Hayyak profile
7. Enter the below settings:

Profile Name : Oman Mobile
APN Type: Static
APN : Taif
Access number : *99#
Username : Taif
password : taif

8. Click the ‘Set as default’ button, click the ‘Save button’ & click ‘OK’ button
9. Recharge your Hayyak / Omanmobile   mobile account if your balance is lower than the price of your monthly package
10. Activate your monthly internet package
11. You will receive a confirmation SMS.

Oman iphone blackberry android-phones Internet settings

June 28th, 2012

To configure nawras , omantel internet and other internet services on your hand held devices such as iphone, blackberry , galaxy etc, the following details may be used


Internet settings (iPhone – Nawras)
Go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data NetworkEnter Cellular
Data Apn :
Username : testTest : test

Internet settings (iPhone – Oman Mobile)
Goto > > > Apn : taif
Username : taif
Password : taif

Internet settings – Blackberry – Nawras
Go to Options > Advanced >
username : testpassword : test

MMS settings – Nawras
MMS Proxy :
All other fields blank

MMS settings – Oman Mobile
APN : mms
Username: mms
Password: mms
All other fields blank

Text Message Center Number
Go to Menu > messages > settings > text message > message centre
OmanMobile (+968 99300610)

Internet settings – Google Nexus One – Nawras
Go to seetings >Mobile networks > Access Point Names> Data
APNName: Nawras Internet (can be any name)
APN Type: default
User Name: test
Password: test
APN Type: defaultLeave other fields empty

MMS settings – Google Nexus One – Nawras
MMS APNName: nawras
MMS (Can be any name)
Proxy: 8080
username: test
password: test
MMS proxy: port: 8080
Authentication Type : None
APN type: mms
Leave other fields as such